Ania Taubenfligel of Triarchy in Triarchy

There are so many unique denim brands out there, and I love watching what individual styles each come out with that set them apart from the rest. The riding jean from Triarchy was a huge hit when it was released years ago, and it is one of the few non-traditional styles on the market to stand the test of time. Here is Ania Taubenfligel of Triarchy in Triarchy, modeling this beautiful piece! The brand blends equestrian and moto accents with denim; such as these equestrian-inspired leather inner thigh panels and the implementation of motorcycle metal for the buttons and rivets of their jeans. One great thing about the leather panels on the Riding Jean is the fact that they help prevent wear and tear from the dreaded thigh-rub! They also add a slimming line down the leg. Every pair is also hand made in the United States. It’s tough to stand out as oneself as a brand in this sea of others nowadays, but sometimes it’s the little details that scream the loudest!

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  1. Great for those with horses and those who pretend they are equestrians…or those as you say that like a more unique type of jean.

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