coated denim

Ariana Grande turned heads in a racy look when she hit the red carpet at the Hairspray Live! press junket at Universal Studios in Universal City, California. Dressed in oversized black denim overalls, which featured extreme wide legs, she flashed a sexy black sports-bra underneath.

Ariana’s jumpsuit, the Hannah Jinkins Silk & Coated Denim Dungarees in Indigo, is not just any kind of jumpsuit, but actually a quite interesting combination of coated denim and silk. The legs are cut extremely wide, but being that they are made of silk, the flowing material somehow makes the whole look ultra feminine. My only reluctance in totally approving this look is that these overalls would look better on a taller person. Somehow I feel that this style is not very favorable for Adriana, who looks kind of swamped in them from the waist down.

You can buy the Hannah Jinkins silk and coated dungarees here, they are quite pricey at almost $3000, but then again, we are talking about haute couture denim…

You can buy denim overalls that won’t break your bank from Guess, Ulla Johnson, and Rachel Comey.

black denim


  1. I will give her some props for wearing something quite different.

    However it does not look flattering on her based on her height. If it was her goal to look even shorter she accomplished what she set out to do.

  2. Her stylist should not have let her wear this. It shrinks her down and makes her bottom half look stubby.

  3. Ariana is lovely and got attention in this. She can really pull this off. Since she just has the bra underneath, it shows that she’s not big. A great outfit doesn’t have to show every bit of a persons figure. In real life, we have to remember to stay away from things like this.

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