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Bella Hadid showed up in Soho, New York City, in what – at first glimpse – I thought was a pajama top and bottom ensemble. But of course, nothing like this! She was actually wearing a double denim outfit which I still have not decided if it’s YAY or NAY. The color is a very light baby blue, and the wash of the jeans is slightly different than the wash of the jacket.

The wide leg almost bleached out jeans contributed to my first thought of PJ bottoms, but they are a pair of very high waisted flare jeans with an exposed zipper fly.

The oversized distressed denim jacket, also in a very light blue wash, features a very cool print on the back. It is from a Polish brand called MISBHVE. You can buy their jackets at at Farfetch.

Bella added a pair of really pointy Givenchy stiletto ankle booties and a Christian Dior hand bag to complete her ensemble.

So here is my “verdict”: Both pieces, the jeans and the jacket by themselves are very cool and edgy, but worn together…well, as long as you are tall and slim like Bella, fine. But for the average girl who’s more on the shorter side, this definitely won’t work.

Siwy has a cute embroidered denim jacket, and you can also buy some really edgy ones at ASOS. As for wide leg jeans, check out these Current/Elliot or Alexander Wang Jeans. There are also a few good options available at Nordstrom.

oversized denim jackets


  1. I feel like she is soooo into showing off her body in those little tops and sheer clothes. Yes,Bella we already know you are a VS model. You can save most of that for the runway.

  2. This is the kind of attire that someone in fashion and/or a celeb can wear and may receive praise for the look.

    If someone not in the limelight wears it they are a lot more likely to be ridiculed.

  3. I had not paid attention to the exposed zipper until you pointed it out. Like that detail.

    I think even on her the jacket and the pants would have looked better separated and each worn with a more fitted piece.

    She seems to be going down the K and J path of revealing more than needs to be seen on the street.

  4. I almost always hate crop tops and heels, especially together, and even more with these jeans and jacket. No style here.

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