Home Celebrity Denim Bella Thorne in Tripp NYC Ripped Camo Jeans

Bella Thorne in Tripp NYC Ripped Camo Jeans

Bella Thorne in Tripp NYC Ripped Camo Jeans

ripped camo jeans

Bella Thorne continues with her “bad girl” outfits – and we love!!

This time she chose a pair of totally shredded skinny camo jeans from New York brand Tripp NYC, and wore it with a grey uber-sized sweatshirt that has an interesting detail in front – a deep black v-neck with laces. Quite unusual.

Bella wore her jeans tucked into a pair of olive platform lace-up boots, totally in sync with the rest of her ensemble. And even her accessories go well with the whole look: a beanie and red cat-eye sunnies from Jonathan Adler.

You may not like this kind of outfit, but independent of liking it or not, it is very well styled and coordinated.

These exact jeans are sold out, but you can buy the Tripp NYC jeans in camo without rips here, and DIY!

You can also purchase other really [email protected] jeans from the brand at ASOS.

distressed camos


  1. Wonder what she is like in real life?

    Hope it is better than she comes across in print.

    What she has on is alright but she seems to be another Disney person that may be flirtin’ with disaster.

  2. These jeans actually aren’t bad. The outfit is the problem. Rips on print could create an interesting texture. These jeans may not be the best example of that, though.

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