Actually, why I chose to post about this BLANKNYC cute denim jumpsuit, is because of BLANKNYC’s caption on their Instagram: “this is how we wear a suit!” LOL

The idea is just that – if you are a denim addict, like we @Denimology are, then these overalls are the answer to all your “suiting dilemmas”! Need to wear a suit? Just throw a very classic gold buttoned, borrowed-from-the-boys blazer over the jumpsuit, add a pair of patent leather oxfords, and here you go! Oh, and if you want to go all the way, why not add a real eye-catching colorful scarf for good measure?

You can buy these overalls on the BLANKNYC website.


  1. I collect jumpsuits because they are a suit and dress alternative. They look pulled together and sharp with nothing but a cross body bag and cute shoes. I hate the highlights on the wash on this jumpsuit. If they hadn’t done that I would grab it.

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