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Charlotte McKinney Wearing Straight Leg Jeans

Charlotte McKinney Wearing Straight Leg Jeans

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Charlotte McKinney was spotted leaving a Starbucks Cafe, wearing a pair of straight leg jeans with a white graphic baby tee.

Her jeans are in a light blue wash, rather lower waisted and seemingly without stretch. There is no overly distressing, just a couple of rips and holes around the knees. I love the way these jeans fit Charlotte – they look exactly like a pair of jeans should look: not too tight, not too baggy, like – how I cal them – “real” jeans and not some spandex girdles.

Charlotte completed her look with a pair of white leather sneakers, hoop earrings, and a pair of black oversized cat-eye sunglasses. Her cute graphic t-shirt, is from RE/DONE, the Camp Topanga T-Shirt, available at Nordstrom.

You can buy similar straight leg jeans at Lord & Taylor, ASOS, and Net-A-Porter.

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  1. RE/DONE continues its fashion coup of taking objects that once were reasonably priced and redoing and reintroducing them at a significantly higher pricepoint.

    Nice concept if the prices honored the affordability of the originals like Levi’s, Hanes and other labels.

  2. These jeans look really good which is unusual for straight jeans which often give the legs a tree trunk look. I think it’s the drape of the denim. I wish I knew who made them.

  3. I hope we are not on the cusp of another britney spears lower belly flash trend. I don’t like this tee, even on her.

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