A group of Rochester middle-schoolers will play a part in putting shoes on the feet of children in Uganda — using old blue jeans. And we just love this idea of recycling old denim, and re-do it for a good cause.

The students, at Willow Creek Middle School, spent two afternoons last week chopping up and preparing the denim for shoe parts as a part of a service learning project. They’re working in partnership with the nonprofit Sole Hope, which will outfit children with footwear to protect against jiggers, small sand fleas that burrow into feet.

The students brought in old and donated blue jeans and cut them up. They also cut up plastic folders to create forms for the heels of the shoes.

All the pieces are bundled together and will be sent to Uganda, where a local cobbler will assemble the shoes. Old tires will be used for the soles of the shoes, and the rest will be fashioned using the denim.

They’re set to send enough chopped up denim to the African country to put shoes on the feet of 60 kids.

If you feel that you want to do your part in helping and doing some charity, work, or donations, you can click here.




  1. Sounds like there will be some happy feet in Uganda.

    It is great the students are helping out those in need.

  2. The footwear sounds great and cheers to the students for helping with the production.

    More people need to take time to help others. It makes everyone involved feel better.

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