Emily Luciano in L'AGENCE

There’s something about grey denim that gives it its own special little spot in the market. It’s such a cool break from the traditional blue jean, and the neutral shade makes it easier to play up colors throughout the rest of your outfit. Fall is definitely a great season for grey denim, and the influx of grey styles that come out every year prove that grey is anything but a dull shade! Here is blogger Emily Luciano in L’AGENCE, wearing the Margot High Rise Ankle Skinny in Gris. High rises in the fall can keep you feeling cozy, warm and tucked in under your layers, and the cropped length makes it easy to tuck under boots! I love the way grey denim looks under tall boots. Emily dresses hers up with black booties and a pretty pink blouse, which shows just how much of a classic piece a nice pair of grey skinnies is; the pink would look cute with a pair of blues too, but the grey keeps it looking more feminine and soft. Her black booties, bag and jacket lying next to her balance it out with a little bit of biker edge.

Shop the L’AGENCE Margot High Rise Ankle Skinny in Gris at Shopbop here.


  1. I agree. The right shade of gray is great. Looking at the pix of the model on shop bop, I see the fabric is thin and stretchy like a yoga leggiing, which I don’t necessarily object to so long as it doesn’t also sag like a jegging. If you look at the picture from the side,, you will see that the model is fit and perfectly proportioned but the back pockets are itty bitty and high, which, as soon as the fabric creases under the bottom, will make it look droopy. I would try these without back pockets. But not with.

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