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Hailey Baldwin was enjoying an afternoon stroll in New York City, taking advantage of what’s going to be probably one of the last mild fall days this year.

She was wearing a pair of super skinny khaki stretch jeans and an oversized denim jacket with plaid flannel sleeves – that’s a cool one, haven’s seen any similar before!

Hailey accessorized her outfit by adding a camel heather White + Warren Cashmere Plush Rib Beanie and a pair of Yeezy Season 2 Boots. These boots are made of an army green knit material, and, of course, sold out in spite of their almost $900 price tag!

You can buy similar khaki jeans from Closed, Armani Jeans, and at Nordstrom.

skinny jeans


  1. Your opening paragraph scares me.

    Hope it is not time to cover up a lot of fun looks with an overcoat.

    What she is wearing comes across as attire that was thought out beforehand. I like that idea yet part of me can also applaud some looks that appear to have come together somewhat haphazardly.

  2. I hate this jacket. And the Beanie. Which is odd, because this is a typical look for me. Time to re-think. Also time to re-think how many layers are too many before it’s time to give up and get a shorter blunt cut.

    BTW if you can stand to walk in heels this high, madden made a pair just like these in yummy microfiber and lots of colors. I loved them but the heels are extra tall. So, no.

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