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Hannah Perera in Abrand Jeans

Hannah Perera in Abrand Jeans

Hannah Perera in Abrand Jeans

Part of the appeal of vintage (or vintage-like) denim is its custom quality, as jeans that have stood the test of time and conformed to the wearer’s lifestyle. It’s so awesomely fun seeing all these shiny new modern pieces with high-tech fabrics on the market today, but along with that comes a growing trend of well worn, comfortable, ripped up jeans that look like they came from a vintage shop. The “mom jean” fits in that category, with a high rise, loose (and sometimes cropped) fit. We also posted not long ago about a new trend that popped up for a little while this year: butt rip jeans (for lack of a better term)! I mean, they kind of look like an extension of cutoff shorts, but we’ve seen some pretty creative ways to rip up jeans recently! Here is model Hannah Perera in Abrand jeans, wearing what appears to be a custom pair of the A High Slim Crop in Stay Blue. These jeans do not come with the “butt rips,” but do feature a rip on the right knee, a “mom jean” high rise fit, slim fit through the leg and a cropped finish at the ankle. It’s definitely a piece for a retro-style outfit! Just like a true vintage jean, they come in a rigid 100% cotton denim fabric, with a light blue wash.

Hannah Perera in Abrand Jeans - Lying Down

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  1. If you go to the link, you’ll see that these jeans were very unflattering to start with.
    How stupid, submissive and desperate does this girl have to be to bend over like this for the camera?

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