After water resistant, cold resistant, heat resistant, and even stain resistant, it makes sense to launch some flame reistant denim, right!

US Flame retardant workwear producer Workrite has developed a new line of FR denim jeans using a flame resistant fabric from industrial textiles and chemicals manufacturer Mount Vernon. The “Mustang Flex” mid-weight denim collection is comprised of a 13oz FR fabric which is said to combine both protection and comfort to wearers.

Sounds interesting, right! You can buy flame resistant denim at Amazon, from Carhartt, and Dickies has a rad overall that you can even wear for “fashion purpose”.


  1. Woa. We worked so hard for years to make “flame retardants” optional in mattresses. what put the law change over the top was the fact that the “flame retardants” actually did not work. Unless you know this denim will protect you and you know what you are being exposed to, I say skip this.

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