Jane Song in the BLANKNYC As You Wish Jacket

Working in the denim industry means being bombarded by so many beautiful things every day, and developing some serious restraint and discipline in the process! However, every now and then there is that item that screams GOTTAHAVEIT! BLANKNYC keeps hitting me with those, and as one of my favorite brands it is always so hard to resist (especially because of their amazing prices)! I’ve caved into buying several awesome pieces from this brand—denim and non denim—and recently there was yet another that I had to add to my closet! Here is FitFabFun Mom blogger Jane Song in the BLANKNYC As You Wish Jacket. If you remember, just last month I featured a post with this jacket upon its release, and it’s already been sold out and backordered everywhere! This incredible moto jacket is one of BLANKNYC’s awesome vegan leather items, adorned with studs, zippers, and embroidery. The vegan leather feels pretty real, too! Jane shows one of my favorite ways to style it; layered over something feminine. It adds such an awesome edge to anything, and it almost seems like any other edgy piece in an outfit either distracts or overpowers it. It stands so perfectly on its own!

Shop the BLANKNYC As You Wish jacket at Urban Outfitters here!


  1. I saw this at UO. Tried it on. It’s not great. The fit is a bit A-line. The embroidery is really loud. This jacket is like wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Makes the wearer look like she really wants attention. I find that embarrassing. I want to be cooler. The material is quite good and soft. If someone loved this jacket I could see it being their treasure for a long time. To me it’s just too trendy. It is marked by this moment in time. Remember what you were wearing when Hillary was elected? 🙂

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