Jiawa Liu in 3x1

When I think of selvedge denim, 3×1 is one brand that comes to mind. They are no ordinary brand for the everyday person looking for a basic everyday pair of jeans. At least, I never saw them that way. They are for the denim aficionado who is looking for something a bit different, of a much higher quality, or something a bit more iconic. In fact, their New York City factory houses the largest collection of selvedge denim in the world, with 800 fabrics sourced from the rarest mills and looms from all over the planet. If that doesn’t bring across the point, I don’t know what will! Recently, the brand has come up with something pretty unique: a new take on the fringe. Here is Beige Renegade blogger Jiawa Liu in 3×1, wearing the WM3 Crop Fringe in Stella. It’s a classic straight, cropped fit with a 4″ fray that grazes the ankle. This fray style is also applied to several other washes in this fit, like black, a darker blue, white or burgundy. There’s also a selvedge style, a skirt (light or dark blue), and a dress (also in a light or dark blue)! Jiawa wears hers in a super casual fashion, but I’m sure these would be awesome and turn some heads dressed up as well!

Shop the 3×1 WM3 Crop in Stella as seen on Jiawa here.


  1. I have some jeans with a similar fringe that I like but it is a brand that is not exclusive to denim.

    Wonder who came up with this concept first?

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