Kristen Ritchie in BLANKNYC Vegan Leather Flares

BLANKNYC‘s vegan leather line has completely changed my opinion about faux leather. I once thought real leather held a quality that couldn’t be beat. However, every fun faux leather piece I’ve gotten from this brand has proved itself time and time again. They feel like real leather, and hold up just about the same! From leggings to jackets to pants, it’s all in the name of some seriously edgy fun, and I’ve never seen any other brand specialize in so many different amazing vegan leather styles! Here’s one that I can say I haven’t seen anywhere else…this is High End Hippie blogger Kristen Ritchie in BLANKNYC Vegan Leather Flares. These might look way out there to some, but really they offer such an endless number of styling possibilities! Kristen combines hers with the pajama trend, looking cozy but super chic as she struts down the street. When I see anything vegan leather, my first thought is to want to dress it all up for a hot night out on the town, but the way Kristen kind of dressed them down a bit shows just how versatile they can be. Even just throwing a tee shirt on top looks pretty great to me! BLANKNYC is also super affordable for the quality, even though it is all made in the USA.

Shop the BLANKNYC Faux Leather Flare in Pussy Cat at Shopbop here.


  1. Ouch. implants, black bra, pj top, platforms and flares. Iconic hooker wear.

    I’m all for boycotting leather. These flares could have been cute with a plain white crewneck tee tucked in and cropped to wear with sneakers.

    The flare / platform as prosthesis look is awful.

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