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Well, here’s a Kylie Jenner again, this time wearing a pair of leather lace-up pants with a see through mesh top. She was photographed out joining her sis, Kendal, in her birthday bash this past week.

With the long blonde wig, uber-high stilettos, and showing off all her “upper assets”, you can name your choice: stunning or “slutting”?!

As I am always trying to point out facts and stay impartial, I am not saying LOL!

Kylie’s leather pants are from Unravel, and are sold out, but you can buy other leather pants from their collection at Forward by Elyse Walker. Her long sleeved mesh top is the MM6 MAISON MARGIELA mesh top, available at Farfetch.

You can also find similar lace up pants here and here.

leather jeans women


  1. Does the family give out a door prize for who shows the most?

    Perhaps they give out a trophy that rhymes with door.

  2. I remember watching the KK shows some years ago and the Jenner girls were young and giggly. They seemed quite innocent then.

    If you gonna sell out I guess you might as well go for the big bucks.

    They are looking trashy all the way to the bank or should I say as they look up their direct deposits?

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