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New Denim Brands to Watch Out For

New Denim Brands to Watch Out For

We all know our Wranglers from our Levi’s, but this fall we’re turning our attention to a few new denim upstarts. You’ve likely never heard of the likes of Moussy, Hardeman, or Grlfrnd, but we suggest you bookmark them all now. We’re introducing noteworthy brands here, and each is totally different: One is a resource for classic, easy-to-wear skinnies, another is full of ’70s touches, and another prides itself on being a little, well, strange. There is really something for everyone these days, but we’re most excited about the vintage-inspired, good ‘ol blue jeans Moussy has really nailed.

Whether it’s those vintage-inspired jeans, a trompe l’oeil print, or a winter-white flare that you’re after, read about some of our favorite new labels. If you weren’t already in the market for a new pair of jeans, you’ll likely want one—or three—now!

Hardeman designs
Fred Segal
Fred Segal jeans
Good American
Good American jeans
gilfriend jeans
grlfrnd jeans
Moussy jeans
Second Skin Overalls
Second Skin denim overalls
Vale denim


  1. I do think the Grlfrnd brand could show some classier photos.

    One is very slutty looking.

  2. There is nothing on the market as humiliating, ugly and vulgar as Good American. The model would look better in absolutely anything else.

  3. The grlfriend no stretch karolina jean looks almost perfect. I don’t like the highlights on the calves and seat. It’s 100% cotton and comes distressed. Why do they say dryclean? I assume these jeans can’t be worn as slim as shown because they would restrict movement. Also with a 10 1/2″ rise, I would have to wear these oversized an at the hip, with a dropped crotch. Otherwise there would be that dreaded corset effect. I have been seeing levis that look like this in a lightwash without highlights, but I haven’t been able to find them at Levis or online. Does anyone know?

    • I have answered your question in the Forum, as I believe that this is a quite interesting subject and we would love to have a whole discussion about the Levi’s jeans…

    • Grlfrnd is a great brand. I have a few and love them. They are high rise but they just give your body a good look. Have both distressed and cropped. I did take a chance with these and they work. I tried a few others and sent them back. I am looking at Moussy right now. Love the super distressed look on these. Not sure what size to get? I did notice that some are running larger than before. I’m having to take a 24 instead of a 25 in some regular brands.
      If anyone has the Moussy jeans and can tell me how they fit, that would be great!
      Good american? Really? I guess some can wear them.

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