Outdoor Research Nantina jeansI’ve been a researcher for over 10 years now, so I can appreciate a pair of denim from a company called “Outdoor Research”. Outdoor Research specializes in clothing and gear for the outdoor sport enthusiast; providing stylish yet functional and supportive clothing options for athletes on the slopes, water and everything in between.

The pair of denim I will be reviewing here are called the Outdoor Research Women’s Nantina Jeans. What makes these jeans unique is that they are constructed using Cordura® fabric. Cordura® fabric is constructed using “high tenacity fiber technologies” which makes them incredibly durable and a smart choice for those with active lifestyles that can put a beating on your clothes (or body!).

Outdoor Research Nantina jeans

While I enjoy hiking and rock climbing, I can honestly say I’ve never thought of wearing denim while doing those activities. The fit, stretch, and durability of these jeans makes them a viable option though and probably a really good choice for being active in the fall or winter. They are 13.5% Cordura® nylon which makes them highly resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs. The second you put them on you can feel how durable they are yet surprising lightweight. The waist is high enough so that when you bend over or are biking around town your rear won’t hang out.

I’m a short 5’4’’, meaning I am not “all legs”, so it’s very, VERY rare that a pair of jeans don’t gather and bunch at the bottom on me and these are no exception. Though they look good rolled up, that’s not preferable for active wear so if you’re short like me, you should consider having them hemmed. They did sit on top of my shoes though so, if you don’t mind the “bunchy” look, you won’t have to worry about tripping or the denim getting under your feet.

You’re not going to love all the jeans you try on, but some jeans are meant to serve a specific purpose. I believe these jeans fall under that category – function and safety are their first priority and for sure there are many, many consumers out there that will appreciate this collaboration between Outdoor Research and Cordura® Fabrics!

Outdoor Research Nantina jeans


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