We have already mentioned several times before that sometimes we need a break from our blues and blacks and go for different denim washes.

Parker Smith’s trademark jean, the Ava skinny, comes in some really interesting washes in the newest fall and winter collection. There is a burgundy, which I am personally hooked on right now! It goes so well with all my black sweaters and shoes, an gives me a break from seeing myself wearing once more an all black outfit!

Then there is this olive colored pair – just because we were talking about camo jeans here @Denimology the other day.

And definitely the white one – I love wearing white jeans during winter as well. Again, it is an eye-catcher when paired with all black tops and shoes, especially in winter, when most of the people opt for dark and depressing colors.

Check out all the beautiful different washes on the Parker Smith website.


  1. Sounds like the Ava style is their bread and butter.

    Every company needs something they are known for.

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