Philippe Gazar in True Religion

It didn’t seem like the moto jean took off all that quickly when it was new a few years ago, but I was one of this unique style’s instant fans. I wore my pair out a lot, and had so much fun styling them! Edgy jeans like these allow you to let the jean be the statement piece and style around it (pretty much what I do every morning), which in my opinion makes dressing for the day ahead a lot more fun. Here is blogger Philippe Gazar in True Religion, wearing the Geno Slim Fit Moto Jeans. Although moto jeans were huge for women (and I still see them around here and there), there hasn’t been a huge emergence of men’s moto jeans until recently it seems, with brands like PRPS and True Religion keeping the style around pretty consistently. I think they look just as good on dudes as they do on ladies, if not even a little better! They really bring out a rugged, tough feel. Philippe brings in all sorts of influences for his look here, pairing his motos with a sporty-style jacket, scarf and wide-brimmed hat for a pretty original getup. The Gino Slim Fit Moto Jean is cut to fit comfortably through the seat and thigh with a classic straight fit from the knees to the ankles. Even if you’re a guy who isn’t normally into skinny or slim-fit jeans, these are designed in such a way that you might just make an exception!

Philippe Gazar in True Religion - Back

Shop the True Religion Geno Slim Fit Moto Jeans, in the Urban Dweller wash, at Nordstrom here, or shop a washed black version at True Religion here.


  1. I don’t like this look. The jeans have that tragically trendy fake distressing and they look stretchy. He looks like he’s trying to look cool and failed.

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