A MELBOURNE company has made a major breakthrough in motorcycle safety producing the world’s first single-layer jeans that will protect a rider’s skin in a 75m slide.

The jeans, from SAINT, are better than regular denim which shred almost instantly on contact with asphalt.

Other previous motorcycle jeans are Kevlar-lined and while effective can be bulky and hot in summer like traditional leathers.

Saint’s Model 1 denim has just one layer of fabric — a mix of Dyneema, a “ballistic” fiber often used in military hardware, and natural denim fibers.

Saint co-founder Mike Lelliott described the Model 1 as a “game changer” and, the new safety rating meant the company was set to break into the European market.

“We take being protected as seriously as looking good and we wanted to make sure that we had a jean that made sense on every point.” Mr Lelliott said. “It’s all-day wearable and our aim is to have these in every single motorcycle store in Europe.’’

At $400 the jeans are not cheap but as director Xavier Unkovich says: “What’s your skin worth?”

The jeans, in black and dark indigo, also have removable knee and hip armor for added impact protection. They also could have broader potential in the skateboard, cycling, and even motocross markets.

A second-generation, even tougher jean, is in development to add to the company’s range of jackets, shirts and jumpers.

Mike Lelliott and Xavier Unkovich wearing single layer jeans to protect riders skin


  1. These jeans look really good. Durability and protection are important. The plain washes and cuts look great. form follows function. The women’s products could be displayed better on the web site if they want international orders. I wish the men’s went down to size 24, because that’s the style that looks the best to me. Please let us know if they decide to do a pop up store in Los Angeles. 🙂

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