Dana In Billie Jean

Talking about denim jackets…. yesterday we posted about a super cool one from BLANKNYC, and today we want to point out this spot-on trendy baby from Siwy.

The Dana is an oversized boyfriend fit denim jacket. Authentic vintage detailing gives this jacket an extra edge, and a more modern silhouette keeps it slightly feminine, perfect for everyday fall and winter layering.

Especially since Gucci started the fad of embroidered denim jackets last season, this jacket from Siwy is spot-on and hey, for a much le$$$er price, too! So what is there not to like?! Check it out here.




  1. Im not crazy about the jacket, but at least it closes. I like the color and cut of the red loose jeans but the back pockets destroy the good idea.

  2. I like it! Embroideries are complementary with denim of course, as like as a painting on a canvas

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