Siwy Denim showcased its S/S 2017 collection on the runway for Los Angeles Fashion Week last month.

They gave us a taste of what’s to come this coming spring at its fashion show hosted at the Beverly Hilton, featuring twenty of its best from a collection of over a hundred pieces. Siwy captivated the audience with its vintage 80’s London street theme, infused with traditional American denim.

Siwy Creative Director, Jimmy Taverniti, sought to recycle the major themes of the ‘80s to early ‘90s and wanted for his pieces to be instantly recognized as being from London’s street fashion scene of that time.

London is a unique city where its street fashion is both diverse and always ahead of trend. His vision for the S/S 2017 line was perfectly reflected on the collection’s runway debut with pieces displaying bold colors, embroidered appliques, and logo’ed patching. The fierce and carefree attitudes of the models along the catwalk enhanced the ‘80s London street theme even further.

The collection includes more traditional denim pieces currently on trend, such as high-waisted and  wide-leg jeans, distressed, and skinny jeans. Other, less traditional, styles include bottoms with an athletic stripe down the side, military pants reworked with a more feminine wide-leg style, and denim cut-offs superimposed onto a boxer short.

For the S/S 2017 line, Taverniti explores the concept of androgynous fashion, working masculine elements into the more feminine designs Siwy is known for.

By revisiting the fashion trends of ‘80s London, Siwy’s newest collection bridges the gap between the older and younger generations – between mother and daughter. Siwy continues to think ahead in its designs while maintaining the integrity of fit and authenticity that the Los Angeles brand was founded upon more than 10 years ago.

This newest collection will only be available in a few months, but you can buy pieces from their current collection at Revolve, Shopbop, and at Nordstrom Rack.


  1. On most women, ankle boots and very cropped hems make the shin look broken. These models have long straight shins, and on them the look is just a trend, no harm done, and nothing flattering either. We all have to look in the mirror before we say yes to trends.

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