Parker Smith Shark Bite Straight in Gothic

The idea of doing a post about black skinny jeans came to me when I was searching for a pair in my closet to wear with my beloved and almost vintage (I’ve had them for years!) ankle booties (they’re Fiorentini+Baker). I did not like how any pair of jeggings, or worse, even, leggings, looked paired with the booties. The two options of – one, tuck them into the booties – blah, and – two, show some skin while wearing a cropped jegging – more blah ;-( So last season and three seasons ago.

The best way to wear ankle booties, in my opinion, is teaming them with jeans that have a less skinny ankle, like cigarette jeans, slim boyfriend jeans, or just plain simple skinny ankle jeans , and not stretchy twill pants.

Now I was really curious about a professional definition of the term jegging versus skinny jean. I asked the ladies from Parker Smith to give us a short explanation:

“Jeggings are made from knit fabrics such as knit indigo or French Terry. If a jean is made from true denim fabric then it is not considered to be a jegging.”

This says it all.

I went in search of some regular skinny jeans with just a little bit of stretch, and no double, triple, or 4-way-stretch, and man, was that work, REAL work. But I found some great styles and I know you will love some of my choices. Let us know if one of these below caught your special attention!

Citizens of Humanity Emerson Slim fit boyfriend jeans
Levi’s 505C tapered high waisted jeans
R13 X-Over Jeans
Denim x Alexander Wang 001 Crop Fit
Gap AUTHENTIC 1969 true skinny high rise jeans
16182048 16-1M Elwood Limited Editions
G-Star Elwood Limited Editions


  1. I would wear these black and slightly clunky boots with a skirt something like the Madewell skyscraper skirt and a pair of cute mid-calf socks that peek out of the boots a little bit. Since your outfit requires denim, I would go with a re/made trucker jacket or the current elliot snap front jacket.
    The Blanc NYC jumpsuit you reviewed recently would look good with these boots with a sloppy roll above the boots and no accessories other than the Blanc hooded long cardi and maybe a turtle neck sweater underneath, if it’s cold.
    Wearing skinny jeans with these booties puts a lot of emphasis on the legs and bottom, so I would think twice if that’s where I want the eye to go. The most flattering skinny jeans I have tried lately are JBrand Alana in Daring wash. I love that wash because of the lack of contrast stitching and lack of hardware. I didn’t buy them because they are so very very cropped and I’m tall. But, with these boots and some cute mid-calf socks, they would look adorable.
    The Alana is made of hi-def stretch. It stretches 4 ways. That means that when you bend your knees or sit down, the jeans stretch instead of sliding down. They’re comfortable and they don’t make those ugly horizontal rolls usually associated with stretch denim. If you’re looking for jeans that act like control top pantyhose, these will not, and I doubt such denim exists or would be fun to wear. I tried the Jbrand photo ready jeans in my size. They were not nearly as comfy or flattering as the hi-def. And there is nothing as appealing as being comfortable in your own skin at your own size, like a little kid. That’s always my goal with any outfit.
    I have been seeing a mystery pair of Levis lately in los angeles. I light wash,, high rise, low large pockets, boyfriend NOT mom jeans, no rips, no fake fading. Good drape. Perfect not too big not snug anwhere fit. Those jeans would be ideal with these boots. I can’t find them on the Levis web site. If you find them please share. 
    I’m not a fan of any of these skinny black jeans. If the models can’t pull them off I know I can’t.

    • Those Levi’s you described match a pair of Urban Renewal 505 vintage jeans at Urban Outfitters….hope this helps

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