no waist jeans

Sofia Richie was out in Los Angeles, wearing a pair of light blue no waist jeans and a cropped graphic top.

To be honest, I can’t figure out why the paparazzi are so gaga over Sofia. There is really nothing spectacular with either her bod nor her face, except a permanent pouty look, and maybe the fact that she was “dating” Justin Bieber for like three minutes.

But, anyway, just to focus on the jeans – they are a low rise, no waist pair of straight leg jeans with a frayed, unfinished hem.

I have tired to wear jeans like this a while ago but found them extremely uncomfortable and annoying. They don’t really hold up and keep sliding down, and don’t even think about sitting down in them. I agree, though, that they do look cool on a certain type of body. So if you’re thinking of going there, RE/DONE has some options for you at La Garconne and at Spring.

Otherwise, I would just suggest that you take a pair of your old Levi’s and cut of the waistband – DIY – and see how you like them before investing in a ready made pair.

vintage jeans


  1. The wash looks good. I’m sure she won’t wear these much. We are having a heat wave and these are good for a hot day. Definitely not worth investing in for people who budget.

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