Tawfeeq Gaines in PRPS

It only takes a few glances at some of the raw and selvedge denim that PRPS has to offer to clear up the idea that founder Donwan Harrell knows his stuff! Well, in fact, he WAS the first to bring Japanese selvedge denim to the United States, sooo there’s that. However, PRPS has branched way out into the realm of rugged awesomeness, with several super edgy and unique pieces that are made for the wild man (or just super stylish) at heart. Here is co-founder of Search+Rescue drygoods, Tawfeeq Gaines in PRPS, with a brand new piece that is bound to make your eyes pop. This is the Rust Denim Jean, which is cream-colored denim finished with a brown pigment spray for a truly unreal and yummy finish. Think, perfectly golden marshmallow over the campfire kind of yummy! He’s wearing it in the Barracuda fit, which is a slim straight leg, and like most PRPS jeans, made from a sturdy 100% quality cotton. I love how our subject here has paired this piece with a more preppy top and jacket—unconventional meets conventional—and juxtaposing different types of pieces is what makes fashion what it is, in my world.

Tawfeeq Gaines in PRPS - Cuff

Tawfeeq Gaines in PRPS - Standing

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  1. Love how the jean was described with these words~ “Think, perfectly golden marshmallow over the campfire kind of yummy!”

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