vintage jeans

Taylor Hill was spotted out on her way to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show rehearsal. She was wearing a pair of high waisted jeans, paired with a white cropped tank top and white sneakers.

Taylor also carried a letterman denim jacket from Rails in her hand, the Custom Knox Jacket, which had her name embroidered in the back (not shown here).

Taylor’s jeans are the quintessential vintage style and wash. Neither too baggy, nor too skinny, and also not in a mom’s jean style, but fitting right on her waist.

I love vintage jeans in general and it upsets me how many brands call their jeans “authentic vintage”, when they are anything, but….

You can buy some really cute vintage jeans with butterfly patches at ASOS, Etsy has some great choices, and so does Urban Outfitters.

double denim


  1. Taylor ‘s outfit is so boring.

    The person wearing the red pants outshines her wardrobe in a major way.

  2. The jacket breathed a little life into her outfit.

    When the jacket is off there is no pulse.

    I would like to read about those in the photo who seemed to put some creative thought into what they were wearing.

  3. I like the red jeans, too.
    We know she has a perfect body because of her destination. These jeans make her bottom look dumpy to me – that’s why I don’t wear this style. If she wore this with anything but a cropped form fitting top, her figure would be completely hidden.

  4. Great point gaia. If those jeans look like that on a VS model imagine how they would look on someone who is not fit.

  5. I agree the red jeans steals all the attention in this photo! Taylors outfit is so boring and so casual in comparison to the other two girls.

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