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Yesterday I was invited by the L’Agence people to preview their newest spring and summer 2017 collection. If I had to find a name for this collection, it would be “The Ultra-Feminine Studded Collection”!

Denim jackets, camo jackets, as well as the regular jeans and shorts, lots of them come with “though studs”, albeit totally feminine and very form fitting. There are also more delicately studded jeans, like the black ones (second image below) that have tiny crystals applied on them. I asked Tara Rudes, who is the head of the brand, if those crystals won’t fall out when you wash the jeans, and she showed me how carefully they were applied, and guaranteed that they will stay on.

Lots of camouflage, with and without studs are very present. The jackets are in a longer and fitted shape. There is absolutely not one single baggy or oversized item in the L’Agence denim collection. Their aim is to be ultra feminine and sexy, which also shows in the more fitted and cropped denim jackets. Denim styles include high waisted and mid-rise skinnies, as well as micro-flares, and cropped jeans with zippers at the side of the legs.

L’Agence is all about flattering the women’s body, so much so, that their whole lifestyle collection includes silky and flowing garments like spaghetti-strap tops, maxi dresses, and extremely delicate silk blouses.

This new collection will only be available as of next year, but you can buy their current collection at Barney’s – here you can find the L’Agence lifestyle collection as well, Net-A-Porter, and at Shopbop.

studded denim shorts


denim shorts


  1. I usually like to avoid studs. I like minimalist things that rely on cut and color, and occasionally print.
    But, I love this because the studs don’t look 90’s. This is a fresh approach to studs. The black jeans in the bottom picture are especially fresh and I will make a point of trying them on when they come out. (The ones with the studded waist bands look like Elvis would want them.)

  2. PS. one style does not fit all people or venues. Form fitting works when one has a form to show off and is in a situation where showing off is a good idea. Modesty has appeal too. Think Katherine Hepburn.

  3. Ultra-feminine ? feminine ? sub-feminine ? Where is your sense of truth of fashion history ? Denim- – – feminine ? Pants- – feminine ? leggings- – feminine? tights – – feminine ? Yeah , the last 47 years only ; prior to that it was ultra-masculine ; why the switcheroo or 180 degrees change ? female transvestism or societal acceptance over night of female cross-dressing and enuch males ( so-called chauvinists ) didn’t utter a protest and the fashion industry has been bigoted, anti-male ever since !

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