Williamsburg Garment Company HOPE STREET jeans

Williamsburg Garment Company has a simple approach: source American Cone Mill denim, make them in the USA, and provide them at attractive prices. Nothing fancy just quality American made jeans at better than average pricing and the Williamsburg Garment Company HOPE STREET Slim Tapered jeans is a strong first showing on this site.

Looking over the spec sheet on the HOPE STREET many of my marks were hit which generated some excitement on my end. A Slim Tapered fit which is a favorite buzz word for me. I have admitted on more than one occasion that I don’t have large or even medium sized legs and that carries all the way down to my little bird ankles. So many times with standard slim cut jeans, the cuff seems to float around the bottom of my shoe and I’m never thrilled with the look. So when a tapered leg is mixed with a true slim cut, it sounds almost as good to me as “skinny fit”. The Williamsburg Garment Company HOPE STREET Slim Tapered jeans executes the Slim Tapered fit almost perfectly and I love it. I say “almost perfectly” because I was a tad bit disappointed in the fit on the waist. I went with a 32″ as I normally lean toward, but this time it seemed to be a bit larger at first try on. I might chalk this one down to the spandex/cotton blend of the denim because it is only the waist that seemed to miss slightly on the fit. If I went a size smaller, it might actually be too tight on the thighs and calves. Since this is still raw denim, I anticipate after the first wash or soak, I’ll lose an inch or so from the waist and be overly happy with the final result. I will have to update the post once that times comes around and report back.

Aside from the fit, the depth of color of the HOPE STREET USA jean is pretty tremendous. Williamsburg uses slub fabric, in case you don’t know – this type of fabric tends to give more of a fuzzy appearance – especially after a couple wears, which gives the jeans a great texture and holds the indigo dye very well. The color also tends to appear a bit iridescent at times almost appearing deep dark purple when the sunlight catches it perfectly. Add-on the absence of logos or patches and you are left with a very clean and streamlined jean that easily goes from work to play without a second thought.

So in my book the Williamsburg Garment Company HOPE STREET Slim Tapered jeans get very high marks. Even higher when you look at the price and realize they come in under $150 which tends to be as rare as shooting stars in the world of raw and specialized denim. Great job WGC and check out the HOPE STREET and many other styles here.

Until the next pair,

Williamsburg Garment Company HOPE STREET jeans


  1. Like the name of the company.

    Your comment about your bird ankles made me laugh. Take comfort in knowing that I think many people would prefer that size over hippo ankles.

  2. Smaller ankles are easier to contend with than larger ones.

    I am thankful mine are small.

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