leather jackets

Leather jackets are something that never goes out of fashion and you absolutely need to have one of those in your closet. Be it made of real, vegan, or faux leather – anything goes.

BLANKNYC has one of the most rockin’ ones I have seen in a long time. It is made of black vegan leather, featuring all of the latest trends: embroideries, studs, double belts with buckets, long zippers at the sleeves and detailed seams at the back of the jacket. What is there not to love!?!

The price is very reasonable, $168, and you can buy it on the BLANKNYC website.

Yeah, I hear you – those cool jeans on the last image below! We love this version of the unfinished and cut off hem with some bleach spots! They are the boyfriend in Thrift Score, and you can buy them here with a 20% discount.




  1. I tried this jacket on several months ago. Very high quality. I felt ridiculous wearing something so loud. It was like putting on a hawaiian shirt. Now I know Blanc NYC makes great quality faux leather. This style is just way too loud and excessively trendy in person.

    • Nathan~You must get the Gucci jeans because you are still thinking about them. Please wear Gucci mules with them.

  2. Yesss Nat ????? and then you must post an image of you in them. With the furry miles in pink please. Gucci should paul you $$$& for this kind of sensational advertising ????

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