And what better reason to buy some cool new denim for the next date night, or “play-date”, or family reunion than a good discount! AND, besides the ladies’, they do offer rad denim for dudes as well as for girls.

Go to the BLANKNYC website and enter the code BNYC25 at checkout.

Let us know what you bought!


  1. Wow the blanc nyc site looks really good. Here are a few of my loves…The cropped skirt (on someone with nice knees – I wish this was an over the knee skirt but I will slice the next long denim skirt I see based on this), eyelet jacket, nylon bomber, trucker jacket, girlfriend jeans, trump wreck jacket (except for the frightening name). and the no pain jacket. Way too much to choose from. Just amazing. Blanc just keeps getting better. Will definitely stop in that dept next time I’m at bloomingdales.

  2. Bloomingdale’s unfortunately does not always carry the BLANKNYC’s best stuff – Bloomie’s become boring an run-of-the-mill, too conservative.

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