Holiday season is upon us – a perfect excuse to shop for new stuff. As if we needed any excuse anyway!

But there is always THAT certain item that catches our eyes and our minds, and no matter what, we just NEED to have it!

The good news is that we can actually afford to obsess with these very holiday appropriate velvet burgundy flares from BLANKNYC, which are selling for $98. The color is a rich dark wine red and the sensual feeling of the velvet against your body makes these flares worth every penny!

I love the styling of the velvet flares with the embroidered leather jacket, as shown here, which is almost giving me my second obsession LOL! Check it out here.



  1. These jeans are not well cut and the fabric looks too thin. They don’t flatter the model. This style has been done to death. Blanc NYC is often a style leader.

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