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A yawning Busy Philipps was in spite of her visible tiredness out in Los Angeles the day after Christmas, probably trying to “walk of” some of her calories from the night before!

She was wearing skinny mid rise jeans in a medium blue wash – no distressing but just some frayed rips on one knee. The jeans looked really great on her, enhancing the shape of her legs – the only reason we’re giving her 4 stars out of 5 is because there is a lot of crunching around the front of the jeans and the crotch, a faux pas we should definitely try to avoid – well, we know that’s not easy….

Busy chose to team her jeans with a pair of black chunky heeled lace-up booties and a camel colored coat. Classic, simple and chic!

You can buy similar skinny jeans with some distressing here and here.

distressed jeans


  1. I never see postings with skinny jeans that roll and bunch less than this. I am wondering if its even possible to make stretch denim that doesn’t do this within hours or days of wear. My lulu leggings look amazing even after 90 min of hot yoga but skinny jeans visibly sag after an hour of sitting. JBrand high def stretch looks the best when new but the flop still happens with a few hours of wear. I wish you would put a team of us on a mission to test drive the skinny jeans you promote. How do they look new? After one day at the office? After day 2 at the office? After a cold water wash and line dry? After 30 wears? After 60 wears? I would love to know what to expect for my $200. Why am I still wearing one pair of 4 year old skinny jeans but retiring 2 month old skinny jeans?

    • so, what’s keeping you from starting this mission?!? Create a post on our Forum and update it as you go, and please do add some cool hi res images if the denim and you, of course! I am sure lots of readers will follow your example and also write about their experiences.

      I am thinking I could do a whole post on this once we have enough material, and will be happy to help you with any kind of doubts or questions…

      GO KITTY

  2. PS. on second look, these jeans look like a pair of too high high rise. They seem to be cinching in at the waist which means that without a dropped crotch, they will bag in the crotch every time she sits or bends because they cant slide down. These are more prone to sagging in that area than a pair of high rise that sits at, not over the hip bone. Also the jeans have whiskering, which makes them look worse. I think this is the look to be expected on a second day of wear or not new skinny jeans.

  3. The photographer should have turned in better looking photos of Busy.

    However, the first photo kinda describes how I feel when I look at her wardrobe. I wanna yawn!

    She does seem like a nice person though.

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