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Chrissy Teigen was out in Los Angeles, showing off her new brunette long hair – I didn’t even recognize her at first glimpse!

She wore a light blue, almost bleached, short denim jacket over her more gym-like outfit comprised of black leggings and an oversized pink t-shirt.

Chrissy accessorized her look with a pair of Nike sneakers and a black Adidas baseball cap.

This is just one more look showing the versatility of denim jackets. You can buy some really cool ones at ASOS, Revolve, and at Urban Outfitters. If it wasn’t so cold and freezing here in NYC right now, I would so totally go for this pink number (too many blues and blacks in my closet already!)

cropped denim jackets


  1. Not impressed with the way she put the look together but it is nice that she is not being an exhibitionist.

  2. Im not a fan of short denim jackets that you wear open, unless you are wearing a dress or a skirt. This outfit is an example. From the back, you can see that a long jacket would have been best.

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