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Crushing on PRPS – the Model and the Denim, of Course!

Crushing on PRPS – the Model and the Denim, of Course!

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Just sharing another one of our favorite PRPS images! Super hunk model is wearing a pair of Barracuda Trailblazer jeans here.

The PRPS Trailblazer Jeans feature a classic slim silhouette with a dark wash on non-stretch denim, light fading and minimal signs of wear. Your go-to jean style for the season and beyond. The Barracuda is a straight leg fit, which is the perfect classic fit for any denim dude.

And while you’re at it – PRPS & Goods & Co. is having an amazing online sale with up to 60% off – definitely worth snagging a pair, or two and how about some cool jackets.to wear with your jeans 😉


    • Totally and absolutely YASSSSSS!! You have to admit that both – model and jeans – are crush-worthy right!

  1. The jeans on the site look like someone air brushed a pair of stretchy jeans to look like a cartoon of broken in jeans. If I imagine this guy walking past me at Starbucks in these pretend Marlborough man jeans, I would think oh no, this guy has no sense of style at all. I would never guess he was silly enough to blow $600 on this tired trend overload unless he left the tag on. I give women more slack with silly clothes than men. But I would feel the same way if a woman wore these.

  2. Where’s the best place to find PRPS for women?! I get that they are pretty much unisex, but why don’t they carry women’s denim on their site (anymore)???

    • PRPS has not been doing women’s for a few years now, but the good news is, they will launch a brand new women’s collection again this coming spring.
      I also adore wearing their men’s jeans, and they are absolutely super rad, gimme a break from the eternal dark blue skinnies LOL!! You can buy them at Bloomie’s and Neiman Marcus.

  3. Super, thank you so much for the insight! So do you find the men’s fit similarly to the women’s in general? I do have Neimans here in Scottsdale but sadly do not have Bloomingdale’s, kills me.

    • As the PRPS men’s do not have stretch I usually up-size at least 2-3 sizes. I am a 28 in skinnies with stretch, and a 29 in skinnies without stretch (I like them to fit a bit more relaxed). In PRPS I wear a 33, which is a bit big, but it’s the way I love to wear them – oversized. Their 32 men’ would be a perfect fit if I wanted them more fitted. Let us know if you find a pair and post about it on our Forum 🙂

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