ripped denim maxi skirt
Lika in Tbilisi

bleached denim maxi skirt, oversized denim jacket

Some more cool street looks from around the globe for your denim inspiration:-)

This time we are going to make your life easier by linking to similar denim below each post. We know how busy you all are with the holidays right upon us. And the truth said, we absolutely love any kind of excuse to search for denim LOL!

Let us know if you got inspired by any of these looks!

black ripped jeans
Ema in Taipei

trashed black jeans

Sena in Seoul

cropped flare jeans with unfinished hem

large cuff jeans
Kyosuke in Tokyo

Straight leg jeans with big cuffs

leather shorts
Aiko in Tokyo

leather shorts and baggy denim jacket

vintage jeans
Irina in Paris

vintage jeans, leather biker jacket

Nicholas in Milan

straight leg cropped jeans

{images Julien Boudet}


  1. I love the top 4 looks. Especially Ema’s sweatshirt. I don’t like the full face of makeup in the first shot. Love Sena’s shirt and jeans. I love it that none of these people seem to be trying to be vulgar.

    • “Real” people usually shrink away from looking too vulgar and exposing themselves too much. This is totally more of a celeb thing.

  2. A few months ago, I tried on the rag & bone flare that you linked to above. Relieved to see that the model doesn’t look good in them either. The flares Sena has on are loose and ladylike.
    The straight jeans you linked to have that silly overdone, contrived airbrushed fading that ruins so many women’s jeans, only these re for men. Men as fashion victims are way too metro for me. Better off just buying a pair of levis and adding bleach to the wash water or better yet, wearing them out yourself.

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