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Emma Roberts in Frayed Hem Micro Bootcut Jeans

Emma Roberts in Frayed Hem Micro Bootcut Jeans

frayed hem jeans

Emma Roberts doing what we all do and shouldn’t be doing – texting on the phone while walking on the streets {today’s preaching lesson ends here! 😉 }

Her all black outfit, which is a pair of cut off micro flares, a form fitting sweater, and leather combat lace-up boots is super cute, and Emma looks totally awesome. We love the splash of red color on her shoulder bag. It is the MCM Patricia Crossbody bag, available here. It’s always so much fun to add any little color detail to an all black outfit.

Emma’s jeans are a super trendy black micro bootcut style. The micro bootcut is a skinny jean with a slight opening at the end of the leg, while a micro flare is usually a slightly wider cut leg.

You can buy black frayed hem jeans here.

cropped jeans


  1. I love these jeans. Is she short or did she luck into some longer frayed hems? I wish I knew who’s jeans these are.

  2. Love the accessories! They make the outfit fun and break up the black. The jeans are very cute.

  3. This is my fave outfit of the week. I have been looking for a pair of micro boot cut jeans that are this long on me. Does any brand make them full length so I can DIY the crop?

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