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Dsquared2 Blue Richard Jeans

When you think about it, it makes total sense – why not cropped, flare and bootcut for guys as well? Not so long ago, when guys wanted to find a pair of skinny jeans, most of them had to retort to women’s. Until finally brands realized that guys love stretch and skinnies as well.

Same for flares and cropped. Why shouldn’t guys have their very own versions instead of once again having to look for women’s jeans?

We have done a search, and sadly, there are still not too many options around, but we did find some quite cool ones and posted them here for you to check out.

Let us know what you think bout these styles for men and if you would consider wearing them 🙂

flared jeans unfinished hem
Roberto Cavalli Flared Stretch Cotton Jeans
bootcut jeans men
Diesel Zatiny Bootcut Jeans
botcut style
Levi´s® 517 Bootcut Jeans
ripped jeans
Palm Angles cropped bootcut jeans
two tone jeans
BDG Colorblocked Straight Cropped Jean
jeans men
American Eagle Classic Bootcut Jeans


  1. Some of those styles would be very difficult for the average guy to wear…but then again who wants a guy that is just average.

  2. My DNA is encoded with some primal natural selection programs. I’m fine with men wearing this stuff –but if they do, they are off my date-able list. These are too metro & feminine to attract me. Men wearing womens skinny jeans never bothered me because skinny jeans on men were classic & iconic.
    I like noticing how I react to trendiness in men. I suspect that they may react the same way to trendiness in women. I like men who think of themselves as my equal, but I don’t want them to pick up on tired women’s trends. I want them to have too much self esteem to jump on stupid bandwagons and obsess about the contrived trends of the season. yikes.

  3. PS on the subject of contrived trends, I could use some DIY advice. I have a pair of exquisitely embroidered skinny jeans but the seat has that sat on chalkboard thing going on. Is there any way to DIY indigo dye into those highlights to reduce the chalkboard effect? The embroidery is roughly 5″ x 3″ at each hip. Should I cut the embroidery out of the jeans and sew it on a pair that I like, like giant patches? Copy the embroidery and make good jeans into a needle work project? I never thought I would go for embroidery, but this is really special, on really tacky skinny jeans that I just cant leave home in. 🙁

    • I would never do DIY dyeing – too risky, the best idea is to cut out the embroidery and maybe add it on the back of a denim jacket like a patch.

  4. As a dude, one who most consider to be metro, including my wife, there’s no way I can see men adopting this style enmasse. It isn’t an unattractive look and isn’t one that many women can pull off well, nevermind men. Besides, it took forever for men’s skinnies to take hold – I’m not ready to give up mine!!! 😉

    • as I said in my post – not everybody’s cup of tea, but we did have some dudes asking to post about flares and the likes:-)

  5. remind me of these threads next time I’m trying NOT to do good in a bar. “ladies, here I come in my high water flares… you’re gonna love me”… yeah, ok. Lisette, I love how you bring it all 🙂

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