non stretch jeans

Only Gigi Hadid to be wearing mom’s jeans and pointy high stiletto denim booties – WITH embroidered sequins!! And only because Gigi is Gigi we love it! Imagine you, or me, or any “mortal” human being walking in those on the streets of New York City (it’s where Gigi was spotted )….

These bejeweled babies are the Manolo Blahnik Dancehall Cowgirl Jewel Boots, and you can buy them here – I dare you, if you do buy them, you must post an image on our Forum wearing them for real!

Gigi styled her jeans with a *cropped! black sweatshirt and wore an unbuttoned black maxi coat. Gigi, can you please let us know your secret for being able to face the cold NY weather dressed like this?!

Now, the jeans Gigi is wearing, are really super cool, exactly how mom’s jeans should be: rather rigid, albeit stonewashed, no stretch, and high waisted. Check out some similar ones from Dr Denim, Topshop, Tommy Jeans (these are super cool!), and Mango.

high waisted mom's jeans


  1. Does anyone know whose Gigi’s sidekick is? Part of her style team? Body guard? I am somewhat intrigued by the black shoes that person is wearing.

  2. I daresay, those are a pair of Levi’s 501s, maybe early 90s. That’s judging from the looks of the button fly, and the outseams and inseams.

    • At first I had thought so, too – but then again, the legs are too tapered for the 501’s, and the waist is too high rise. And I don’t think they have a button fly. Might be a 505, though, but I cannot confirm unless I am 100% sure!

  3. I love these jeans. If you ever find out what they are, please let me know. I would never wear these boots. they are seriously tacky.

    • I contacted the Levi’s guys and here is what they answered: “We think it’s safe to say they’re vintage 505 Jeans. Technically, 505C”
      So my “hunch” is confirmed! Hope this helps J

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