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Gwen Stefani Wearing Baggy Rip and Repair Jeans

Gwen Stefani Wearing Baggy Rip and Repair Jeans


Gwen Stefani was kind of a vision in pink, as she was spotted out in Beverly Hills, doing some shopping.

She wore a neon pink puffer coat from Moschino over a pair of very baggy jeans. Her jeans are not really a boyfriend, as they are too tapered at the ankles, but rather a pair of what we used to call baggy jeans before the boyfriend style was invented! I cannot see the waistband of the jeans, but they might even qualify as mom’s jeans.

At any rate, their wash is super on trend, with rips and repairs all over the front of the legs. Gwen comleted her look with a pair of silver loafers (in sync with that screaming pink jacket!) and a Louboutin Panettone spiked textured-leather tote.



  1. Not only is the pink jacket shocking~ but so is seeing photos of Gwen in loafers. I am a fan of metallic footwear. I do not recall her wearing flats lately outside of some Vans and perhaps some other sneakers.

    Thanks for another Gwen post.

  2. A fan of Stefani sightings!!!!!!

    Would like to see how her attire looked without the jacket.

    It is interesting to note how an overcoat can enhance or distract from one’s look.

    I am thinking that the coat would look better worn with something else. However, sometimes being warm is more important than trying to put together an ideal fashion statement.

    The baggy jeans would probably look more appealing without the big coat.

    I like the silver flats but think there are better footwear options for those jeans. I would still rather see what she is wearing versus seeing someone tottering around in sky high heels.

    I love observing the way she puts outfits together but this time I think it does not meet the usual Stefani standards.

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