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Hailey Baldwin just inspired me to try a new look with my cropped and rolled up jeans – adding a pair of fishnet socks or stockings! Unbelievable, never thought of this before, even though I have done that combi in-numerous times with my denim shorts!!

Hailey totally rocked her light wash jeans without any distressing, just repairs on the both knees, pairing them with those fishnets and a pair of chunky Balenciaga cut-out booties with gold studs and buckles.

She completed her rocker look with a black printed t-shirt and a back studded leather jacket with zippers on the sleeves.

Go ahead and copy this look without any shame LOL! Best way to do this is with a pair of slouchy straight leg jeans (make sure they are not too tapered at the ankle), like these from Acne, or slim boyfriend jeans. As for the booties – the Balenciagas are quite pricey – check out similar ones at Nordstrom. And, of course, the “main” piece, those fishnets – you can buy them here.

repair jeans


      • Thanks for the reply.

        I prefer not to have holes in my fishnets but I might not toss those with some rips just to get more wear out of them.

        What months of the years do you rock fishnets and shorts?

  1. I like fishnets but sometimes my toes go through the nets and it is somewhat annoying. I guess I should consider buying more with a solid toe.

    Any other suggestions?

  2. denim shorts with or without fishnets only maybe July, August….I always prefer wearing jeans.
    And no way I will show off anything above the top of my jeans as I always pair them with oversized, and never cropped, tops. No desire to join the show-off-your-abs-club. Less is more.

  3. Fishnets and mesh are in but it’s important to control where you put the focus of an outfit. Fishnets attract a lot of attention. These BF jeans don’t hit her legs in a flattering place. Luckily, her legs don’t need to be flattered, but the stockings are adding more to the looks of the outfit than the girl wearing them. If the jeans were a couple of inches longer or shorter, it would be better.

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