knee rip jeans

Here is Heidi Klum wearing a totally rockin’ pair of jeans. Actually, I love the whole outfit.

Heidi’s personal touch for the uniform of jeans/tee/sneakers has me totally gaga! Not only do her jeans look like as if she ripped and cut them off herself, but they look NATURAL, not like some off the rack jeans you buy in the department stores. Not that there is something wrong in buying your jeans “ready made”, but I always love when there is a personal touch, a certain detail, that you have added to your jeans to make them your own.

And it doesn’t stop here – check out Heidi’s white leather sneakers with the multi-colored laces! What a cute personal touch to otherwise quite boring looking run-of-the-mill sneakers that everybody is wearing these days. Stan Smiths and the likes!

So get going, buy yourself a pair of distressed jeans and then don’t be shy – cut, snip and fray. And if you are not sure, here are some really reasonably priced jeans, so you have nothing to lose! Gap, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and Forever 21.

Hint: after cutting off your jeans, bang them against a wall or a metal rail to achieve instant fraying!

frayed hem jeans


  1. The hem should have been lower. This hem doesn’t flatter the shape of her shins. I’m glad so see her in a simple outfit that isn’t trying too hard to attract attention.

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