Hey Denimology readers! I am so glad to be back with a new review which I am particularly excited about! It is for one of my absolute favorite denim labels that I completely adore. Each time I wear their jeans I almost can’t believe how perfect they are… Ah yes, you probably already guessed that I am talking about J Brand. Today I will tell you about one of their newest and hottest fits – Selena Mid-Rise Crop Boot Cut.

If you read Denimology at least somewhat regularly or simply follow denim fashion through other sources you already know that the crop boot cut is THE FIT of the current season. It certainly won’t stop here and will continue to get stronger and stronger in seasons to come. Selena by J Brand is a no-brainer if you want to get in on this trend. It is offered in a range of washes and materials perfect for cold winter weather as well as for the upcoming spring. From sexy leather and cozy corduroy to stretch denim in different finishes – you can’t go wrong with any of them. I have my Selena in the Fearless wash which is smoothly coated black denim with a leather-like look. This particular wash also features a raw hem – another key element in the latest denim fashion. Altogether with the glossy finish of the fabric this fringy detail gives the jeans a laid-back while still edgy and chic vibe.

I like how easy it is to create outfits with the Selena Mid-Rise Crop Boot Cut. It gives an even very simple and maybe a bit tired ensemble an instant update making it fresh and current. With that said it is also able to offset much stronger, bolder pieces and balance out the whole outfit in general. Selena also gives you the opportunity to play around with footwear quite a bit. The jeans work great with lots of different shoe types from flat ankle booties and classic stilettos to open strappy sandals. One of my favorite options with this pant for fall/winter and early spring is a pair of taller, mid-calf boots with a chunky heel. Together they look absolutely sensational!

J Brand is certainly famous all around the world for their amazing fits. Like one of my new Swiss friends says she can only look at her butt in J Brand and that’s why she only wears them. I agree, every single fit of this brand I’ve ever tried was exceptional. In this same tradition the Selena is also very flattering and super comfy. Smart construction with a medium rise helps to contour your body giving the tush an extra lift and flattening the stomach area. The ultra stretch Stocking Denim glides on like a second skin visually creating a more toned, slender silhouette. Besides its “correcting” qualities this denim has a very luxe, smooth “hand” and feels very comfortable and natural on.

I have to say a huge “thanks” to the great elasticity of the Stocking denim! After our two week vacation in Japan and constant eating (believe it or not, but Japanese people LOVE fried food) I inevitably gained a few lbs. But this J Brand Selena in my usual size 24 still fit!! Yes, it was a bit tighter than I prefer and usually wear but regardless it looked great and felt good on. Seems I will wear them quite a bit during this holiday season too 🙂

What can I say: Selena Mid-Rise Crop Boot Cut proves one more time that you can never go wrong with J Brand’s denim! Always on the edge of the latest trends, flawless in style and execution this brand is one of the market leaders for a reason.

J Brand Selena Mid-Rise Crop Boot Cut Jeans in Fearless are available here.

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I am the EU contributor and product reviewer for Denimology. From the time I was 5 years old browsing through my first fashion magazine I knew I wanted to be in this industry. While working as a Merchandiser at Gloria Jeans, the largest denim manufacturer and retailer in Russia, I discovered my passion for denim. It fascinated me then and years later it fascinates me even more. Every day I learn and discover something new and exciting about denim and am thrilled to do it hand in hand with all of you!


  1. I do love the fit of JBrand. If you have narrow hips & thighs and a round seat, this is the right brand. Some of their denim stretches up and down. That denim is best because it minimizes the rolls created by stretch denim. I don’t wear their other stretch denim. Unfortunately. I have noticed that both the stretch JBrand and the rigid JBrand jeans lose their shape quickly with sitting and light wear. A cold water wash & line dry doesn’t restore them completely. I wish they would work on their fabric. And, I wish the cropped jeans would also come in tall sizes. a 26″ inseam is disproportionately short on anyone over 5’7″. If anyone has found a more durable wash in the JBrand, please share. The fit is amazing.

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