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Jane Birkin – A True Style Icon Then and Now!

Jane Birkin – A True Style Icon Then and Now!

patchwork jeans

Low rise jeans with insets on the side and frayed hems, jeans/t-shirt uniform!

Remember this sexy husky “je t’aime, moi non plus…..”? I still listen to this tune every once in a while during my flashback radio moments, and I remember my mom humming this tune in French with a German accent LOL!

Anyway, besides this music, what makes me think about Jane Birkin, is her incredible vintage-modern fashion sense. She knew back then what we would be wanting to wear today.

Her ability to elegantly wear denim for any and every situation, the reason she made a lowly wicker basket her bag of choice all year long. We may never know why, but honestly it’s not worth questioning at this point because it was so seriously chic.

unfinished hem jeans

Flared Jeans with frayed hems, patches, and insets on the flares

She is the consummate in contrasts, an icon of French style despite the fact she was born in England. The inspiration for the penultimate It bag by Hermès after all those years of basket carrying.

It was her 70th birthday this past week. So in honor of celebrating all things Birkin, we bring you some iconic fashion moments when she swept us off our feet and the stylish lessons we will carry with us now and forevermore.

You can buy Jane Birkin inspired denim from M.i.H, Bliss And Mischief, AG Jeans, Ayr, and, of course the vintage Levi’s are always top-right on trend!

straight leg jeans

Shadow effect patches, rolled up unfinished hem

bell bottom jeans

High Waisted extra wide flares

low rise jeans

and yeah, belly button! (LOL)


  1. I usually think of the Birkin Bag when I think of her.

    Now I have to try to forget about her belly button.

  2. Jane appeared to be comfortable in her own skin and denim.

    Guess she is still the same today.

    Perhaps you can interview her and get photos of her in denim today.

  3. Yes. i wonder what she’s wearing now. I hope it’s not flares! But if it is flares, she’s comfortable and agile in them. One thing about her look… she looked like herself at ease – not outfitted. Today’s denim is trying way too hard. Its too contrived. These are just jeans after all. We need to be able to sit on the floor, climb trees, throw them in the wash. I bet she kept her jeans for years like my mom did. Why isn’t current denim as high quality?

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