sherpa lined denim jackets

Jessie J  – oh man, at first glimpse I thought she had forgotten to wear some pants with her embroidered denim jacket!

Only after looking closer, I realized she wasn’t clad in just a pantyhose, but sheer pants with different patterns. The front part is kinda okaaay, but the back of these pants – gimme a break, please!

And then again, maybe she DID forget to dress halfway down (and up!), or maybe she was too much in a hurry, as she also didn’t wear any kind of top, just a black lace bra.

But, let’s talk about the denim jacket, which is kind of quirky, featuring embroideries of bees, lion heads, and flowers among others. It is in an oversized style and has a Sherpa lining.

Siwy does a very similar one – check it out here. You can also buy embroidered denim jackets from Logophile, 3×1, and this one from Sandro comes complete with a Sherpa lining as well.

embroidered denim women


  1. I really dont like the jacket, either. It’s just too hyper trendy. Like a gag Christmas Sweater.

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