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Kate Beckinsale is confirming what we believe to be making a big come-back in the next few seasons – low rise jeans. She was photographed arriving at LA’s hotspot Craig, wearing a pair of really low rise black ankle skinnies.

She paired her jeans with a white, loose fitting t-shirt tucked halfway into the waistband of her jeans, and a black faux fur jacket. To complete her look, Kate added a pair of black booties and accessorized with a trendy black choker. If you love the handbag Kate is carrying on her arm, it’s from Givenchy, the Pandora bag, available at Net-A-Porter.

So are you up for wearing low rise jeans again? If you are, check out some options from True Religion, Armani Jeans, AG, and American Eagle.

black ankle skinny jeans


  1. I thought we have been told, at least during the last year or so, that most people look better in mid or high rise pants…so it is really great that the fashion industry will be trying to get people to purchase something that may look less favorable on most consumers.

    Not that one has to buy those things but it is nice for those who like fashion to feel like they can be current versus behind the times.

    One does not have to be labeled a fashion victim when one enjoys wearing what is “in”… it is just nice when designers work with consumers to create what makes us look better versus deciding something that was “out” is back “in” so one is more compelled to spend.

  2. I never stopped wearing my low rise skinny & boyfriend jeans. They look great with a sleek tshirt tucked in. I dont see why mid or high rise looks better. I have some mid rise and high rise. So long as high rise doesn’t hit above the hip bones, on the natural waist I’m fine with those rises too. Variety is good. At the natural waist, one has to have dropped crotch to sit down comfortably, and there aren’t many styles like that. Also, a waist that high makes me look like I have no torso. I like my mid section & hips. Low rise jeans, so long as they don’t flash crack or panties, suit me. There are ladylike low rise jeans. Living in LA, I never noticed low rise go out of style.

  3. Also, Lots of high rise have high small pockets that make the back side look floppy. Mom jeans are awful. Its not easy to find a good high rise. Karlie Kloss certainly did this week, though. WOW. As a basic jean, a not too tight low rise really looks great, as we can see here with the long shirt safely tucked in for no flash. I think I recognize the shirt as rag and bone.

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