skinny leather pants

Kylie Jenner was a vision in red, spotted at LA hotspot “Catch” with her boyfriend, Tyga. Very season appropriate, so therefore we accept this whole red thing! Leather pants, top, high heel strap sandals, vinyl raincoat… But hey, we’re missing the red nail polish and the red lipstick, LOL!

Kylie’s skinny mid rise leather pants, featuring zippers along the outside of the legs, are from L’Agence, the Aurelie skinny leather pants, available on sale at Intermix. Her cropped top, more like a bra top, is a latex number from Dita.

L’Agence has some pretty cool jeans, especially with the leg zippers – rejoice all zipper fetish! – check them out in a medium blue wash, black, and also in white.

red leather pants


  1. Hard to know what the J and K females like best…showing off their bodies or being with males that I do not find attractive.

  2. Like the red pants and the red coat.

    Wish she had worn them in a less hoochie way.

    But being hoochie seems to be a family tradition. Sad.

  3. It’s like the Jenners are trying to be ugly & vulgar. The whole family seems to have BDD. Hideous.

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