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Yesterday we posted about a trendy cropped flare, but of course, cropped is not really everybody’s kind of jean, so today, you will find an option in the L’Agence Elysse Low Rise Flare Jean.

They are a regular to long length. According to the L’Agence website the inseam is 34 inches, which makes these jeans wearable for the shorter ladies paired with some high stilettos or platforms, and the Karlie Klosses* among you will be able to achieve a full length look even with a shorter heel, and, of course with flats. The jeans’ legs won’t be dragging on the floor, but end right at the end of your foot.

*Karlie Kloss is 6 feet and 1 inch tall!

These black flares have a low rise, which I prefer particularity when it comes to black jeans. Long AND high waisted is a bit too mucho for me, even though I don’t mind hi rise and flares in a lighter blue wash.

You can buy the L’Agence Elysse jeans on the L’Agence website, or at Shopbop.

Let us know which style you prefer, are you the cropped or the dragging on the floor denim queen?

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  1. This picture looks great. If your knees are small and your thighs, seat and mid-section are the places you want to show off, and the fabric won’t sag in the knees or seat, and you aren’t going to have to walk much, these jeans may look like this on you with heels for a couple of hours on date.
    I like that the flare isn’t extreme, the fit is not tight and it’s not in a faux broken in wash. I would slice them to slightly above my shoes to show off the fact that I am wearing flats or crop them to just above the ankle. I might also consider slicing them up the side.
    2 great alternatives to this look include Jbrand’s new low rise wide leg or the Strom Nox pant. Either can be hammed to any length that flatters you and suits the weather.
    BTW, Remember last time these solid wash low rise flares were in style? And how suddenly frumpy they managed to make Angelina Jolie look as she hobbled around in her high heels in “real life”? Laura Croft does not need flares or high heels.
    This style is expected to be accompanied by super high heels in an attempt to fake height so the pretense is blown from the start. The trend ended quickly last time.
    Flares worn with stilettos or platform heels are the jeans equivalent of push up bras. Some women can pull that Frederik’s of Hollywood sort of thing off for a night out.
    Regarding cropped flares…I wish I could find a good pair in a low rise micro boot style with a 28-29” inseam, which would hit me at a nice place above my ankle. Makers should make an ideal flare or boot, mark the inside every inch, and let the buyer decide where to crop. Encourage customization on the part of the buyer.
    I love lady like low rise –not the Britney Spears low rise that’s on the horizon. I don’t want to see butt crack, love handles or tummy flub hanging over waist bands again.
    Hopefully women are becoming too smart now to wear trends that don’t flatter them or look vulgar. I love to see people looking different from each other and comfortable in their own skin.

  2. Hell ya kitty! “Makers should make an ideal flare or boot, mark the inside every inch, and let the buyer decide where to crop. Encourage customization on the part of the buyer.”

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