L'AGENCE Margot High Rise Crop Skinny in Noir - Front

Hello all! I’m actually really excited to share this review with all my fellow denim-head readers here. L’AGENCE is a brand I’ve heard so many great things about, and although I’ve tried so many pretty impressive jeans during my stint here at Denimology, many of which I have no idea how any other brand could top, I was still all ears! You’d think after awhile there were only so many things you could say about black skinny jeans, but that is oh so far from the truth. I really realized that this time around, as these jeans are nothing but a solid piece of luxury! So read on and prepare to meet your new favorite jean, the L’AGENCE Margot High Rise Crop Skinny in Noir.

As mentioned, I had nothing but high expectations as I finally got the chance to review L’AGENCE, one of the few I had yet to experience and urgently desired to! I am sure you have seen several posts here featuring bloggers wearing the Margot, as it seems to be the brand’s most popular style, so I’m happy to provide a first-hand review to better give you an idea about why these jeans are so hot right now. L’AGENCE sent me my normal size of 26. I heard these jeans are super stretchy, which usually means I prefer to size down, but my usual size was perfect. However, “super stretchy” does not at all give you the right mental image of how these really feel. These babies have stretch all right, but they have a durable thickness similar to a 100% cotton jean, but a heck of a lot softer, like a tightly-knitted twill! What impresses me the most is the shape-retention technology here. Most premium jeans have that by now, but these have the most amazing way of snapping right back without being tight and uncomfortable. Pulling them on was like slipping into a warm, huge block of butter (at least one made from 46% cotton, 29% rayon, 15% lyocell, 6% polyester and 4% spandex) that just molded to me, and I had to excitedly run to my husband, and have him grab the cuff of one leg to feel the out-of-this-world stretch for himself! Yes, he was impressed too. They are very form fitting, but super easy to pull on (no dancing around) and off. They look a lot tighter than they feel and damn do they make me feel sexy! And about that “warm butter” thing, yes…these are so cozy, and don’t really make you feel like you’re even wearing much despite the thickness.

L'AGENCE Margot High Rise Crop Skinny in Noir - Back View

I wore these incredible jeans for an entire week as the California weather finally dipped a bit and yielded some much needed rain, and they made me feel snuggly each day. I also wore them to a house party and danced my happy little butt off all night (it was ’50s themed, and these totally helped me pull off an Olivia Newton-John)—the entire time they moved with me without tugging or pulling anywhere, and the best part after all of this repeated wear is that they kept feeling just like new! They never stretched out or lost their shape, and they didn’t even soften up, because they didn’t need to! They were already perfect! I also found it pretty cool that I always talk about high rises and cropped jeans being summer staples since both of those features are usually ones you’d want to show off, but this 10.5” high rise is so super soft (surprise surprise) that it doesn’t leave me feeling cut in half by the end of the day, so I have no problem wearing it under long tunics and sweaters. The 26” cropped inseam is just fine too since I’m hiding it under boots right now anyway. I will definitely be wearing these year-round, as they have immediately risen to the top of my favorites! And…I own a TON of jeans. Believe me.

They say you get what you pay for, and you absolutely do with the L’AGENCE Margot High Rise Crop Skinny in Noir, and then some. If you’re looking for a basic (or not so basic, which would be the category I’d throw these in) black pair of skinny jeans, don’t just go running to Ross. Don’t buy something that will be faded and stretched out by next year, prompting you to go out shopping yet again (and eventually pay more in the long run if you continue that cycle). These jeans will hold you up for years to come and the comfort is something I can’t really properly explain to you in just a few paragraphs. These are genuine Made-in-the-USA quality. There’s no breaking in period, because they are already luxurious, and they are so comfortable you will not want to take them off at the end of the day! I promise!

Shop the L’AGENCE Margot High Rise Crop Skinny in Noir at Nordstrom here.


    • Thanks! I had worn it to a ’50s themed party recently and I figured it would be a great idea for the shoot after several friends said they loved it! 🙂

  1. Ha ha. I was thinking about how tacky that movie was when I first saw this, too. Jeans should never ever look this tight. They exaggerate every flaw and make up a few of their own. Nothing appealing about this outfit.

    • hey – gotta butt in here for a sec – before judging the L’Agence jeans, you REALLY need to try them on first. You have never ever before worn a pair of jeans that – yes, are tight, but are the most comfortable and non-restricting skinny jeans you will ever have tried on! There is absolutely no “girdle effect” here, take my word for that 😉

      • Absolutely! That’s why my review was so long, these jeans are extremely exceptional and cannot easily be described in words! They may look tight, but they certainly don’t feel like it.

  2. I think the black attire ONJ wore in “Grease” is iconic and she looked fabulous wearing it.

    It is fun for people to pay tribute to a movie that I remember fondly.

    Sounds like you, your husband and your friends had a fantastic time.

    • Thank you!! It was a fun shoot! And yes, I don’t think anyone can pull it off quite like Sandy did haha, but it was fun to try! 🙂

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