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Lily-Rose Depp Wearing Plaid Jeans

Lily-Rose Depp Wearing Plaid Jeans

plaid jeans

Lily-Rose Depp was seen taking a shopping trip with a friend in Los Angeles, wearing a pair of black and white plaid jeans.

She wore them with a plain black hoodie and black hi-top leather sneakers.

We love to see any kind of different denims here @Denimology, and these plaid babies certainly are quite eye-catching. Plaid jeans are not everybody’s cup of tea, we know that, but by some of the comments form our readers we could tell that there are plenty of you out there that love them.

Not easy to find – we did a search and came up with these from Kensie, Kenzo, Sanctuary, and Macy’s Charter Club.

black and white jeans


  1. Those pants are somewhat like gingham on steroids.

    I heart plaid! I have a variety of jeans with plaid patches.

    Thanks for giving another shout out to plaid.

  2. I adore these. Are you sure they are jeans?

    Her makeup looks amazing. So does the red hair behind her.

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