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Lorde has come a long way from sporting unruly wild locks (I miss those!) and black maxi dresses – remember her “Royal” videos?!

She was snapped out in Los Angeles, wearing a pair of selvedge boyfriend jeans. She wore them cuffed at the ankles, and the selvedge red tread on white is a dead giveaway! For those of you who don’t know yet, I am a total selvedge obsessed denim head! Nothing beats the absolute divine feeling of wearing a “real” pair of jean, heavier weight and rigid, without any stretch.

Of course, I do wear stretch denim as well, and skinnies, but I always go back to my selvedges…..

Lorde wore a beautiful light grey coat and a light grey beanie, and completed her outfit with a pair of black pointy stack heel booties.

Did I get you into the mood of some selvedge LOL?! Well, check out these Naked and Famous (these do have a bit of stretch), I also love the 6397 gender-less jeans, the Denim & Supply boyfriends are a lighter weight and very reasonably priced at $99, and last, but not least, the Levi’s 501 CT distressed boyfriends on sale for $58.

selvedge jeans women


  1. This is an authentic borrowed-from-the-boys fit. we all seem to forget that this is what the original term “boyfriend jean” means!

  2. I guess my definition and what I expect them to look like on is not like what others think.

    I thought they are to be kinda baggy without looking like someone has junk in the front.

  3. Naked & Famous & 6397 have good back pockets.

    I think the pooch is from looseness, and a low crotch. Its fine. she would look better in a pair of no stretch jeans from Rag and Bone. They make couple of styles that flatter but are loose and just as easy to wear.

  4. I think the selvedge are the best look. I checked out the other names and they didn’t come close

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